Steven D. Coburn

Steven Coburn is an active member of the Brooklyn music community as a choral director, accompanist, teacher, arranger, composer and musicologist. He earned his Bachelor of Music degree in performance and music education from the Crane School of Music at the State University College of New York at Potsdam and his M.A. and Ph.D. in musicology from New York University. Steven studied choral music with such figures as Robert Shaw, Frank Pooler, Brock MacElheran and Gregg Smith, piano with George Mulfinger, Helen King and Jerome Rose, composition and theory with Elliot DelBorgo and Louis Karchin, and musicology with Edward Roesner, Stanley Boorman and Robert Bailey. Currently teaching music history and ethnomusicology at St. Francis College, Steven has also taught music at the Eugene Lang College of the New School University, New York University, and Pace University as well as privately in his own piano studio. In over 25 years of recital and accompanying experience he has performed in multiple venues and worked with singers, instrumentalists, chamber ensembles, orchestras, theater and show groups, and choruses. Steven is currently the accompanist and assistant director of the Brooklyn Philharmonia Chorus and the artistic director of the Brooklyn Community Chorus. As a musicologist, he has been a regular contributor to the All Music Guide and Naturlaut, and has written on musical subjects ranging from the Renaissance through progressive rock. Steven has been listed in "Who’s Who in America" since 2004. Dr. Coburn's piano teaching website.

Curriculum vitae

Steven D. Coburn, Ph.D.

  • Professional Profile
    • Accomplished college level music instructor experienced with basic through advanced level instruction, evaluation, and course design for majors and non-majors, curriculum development, and thesis advisement.
    • Widely published writer on music for several specialized publications, and also for the All Media Guide database, demonstrating the ability to communicate complex and advanced musical concepts to the general public.
    • Seasoned and highly experience performer as a collaborative pianist, musical and choral director, and singer.
    • Frequently performed composer, with a growing local reputation and following.

    • Ph.D., Musicology, New York University, 2002
    DISSERTATION: Mahler’s Tenth Symphony: Form and Genesis
    • M.A., Musicology, New York University, 1992
    • Bowling Green State University, Ohio
    Non-degree graduate work in piano (Jerome Rose) and choral conducting (Ivan Trusler), 1978-80
    • B.Mus., Music Education, minors in conducting and piano performance, Magna cum laude, Breaky Piano Scholarship, Performance certificate, State University of New York, Potsdam, Crane School of Music, 1978
    • Saratoga-Potsdam Choral Institute, Saratoga Springs, NY
    Non-degree graduate work in music, including study with Robert Shaw, Aaron Copland, Gregg Smith, Frank Pooler, Stanley Chapple, Brock MacElheran, and others, 1975-81

    Areas of Specialization
    Western Classical Music History and Musicology
    World Music
    Choral Music Direction
    Collaborative Piano

    Areas of Competence
    Music Theory and Analysis
    Jazz and Rock History and Style
    Music-related Cultural Studies
    Music Theater Direction


    College Courses Taught

    • Elements of Music (theory, ear training and notation)
    • Ear-training and sight-singing lab for Elements of Music
    • Fundamentals of Music (theory, ear training and basic class keyboard

    Music History
    • Music Appreciation (introductory survey)
    • Music of the Western World (introductory survey)
    • Jazz History (advanced survey)
    • The Art of Listening (Western music style and history)
    • American Music (advanced survey)

    • Music and Society (advanced interdisciplinary survey)
    • Music of Many Cultures (World Music introductory survey)

    • Popular World Music (advanced survey)

    College Courses Prepared and Qualified to Teach

    • Ear Training and Sight Singing (multi-semester course for majors)
    • Theory I and II (introductory survey for majors)
    • Advanced Harmony and Voice Leading I and II (advanced survey for majors)
    • Structural Analysis (advanced survey for majors)
    • Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis (advanced survey for majors)
    • Counterpoint (introductory survey for majors)
    Music History
    • Opera (introductory survey/advanced survey)
    • Survey of Western Classical Music (advanced survey for majors)
    • Advanced Surveys in all specific eras and composers: Medieval through Modern
    • Jazz Style (advanced survey)
    • Intro to Jazz (introductory survey)
    • Rock History (introductory survey)
    • Advanced Surveys in Rock and Jazz topics (e.g. American Hardcore, Bebop, Prog Rock, Swing, etc.)
    • Music in Context (introductory survey)

    (course proposals and outlines available upon request)

    Teaching Experience
    • Class and private piano instruction (, current
    • Senior Adjunct Professor, St. Francis College, current
    • Adjunct Lecturer, Pace University, 2002-07
    • Adjunct Instructor, The New School University, 2001-02
    • Guest Lecturer, The Eugene Lang College Division of the New School University, 2001
    • MS and HS choral assistant, the Berkeley Carroll School, 2000-02
    • Adjunct Instructor, New York University, 1995-2000
    • Teaching Assistant, New York University, 1991-95
    • Teaching Assistant, Saratoga-Potsdam Choral Institute, 1975-81

    Performing Experience
    • Accompanist for the Brooklyn Community Chorus, current
    • Accompanist for the Brooklyn Philharmonia Chorus, current
    • Accompanist for the Park Slope Singers, 2001-2010
    • Extensive recital, ensemble and accompanying experience, current
    • Extensive amateur and professional ensemble experience, including regular choral performances with MidAmerica Productions in Carnegie Hall, current
    • NYU Collegium Musicum, singer and keyboardist, 1990-95

    • Co-director for the Brooklyn Community Chorus, current
    • Assistant director for the Brooklyn Philharmonia Chorus, current
    • Associate director for the Park Slope Singers, Brooklyn, 2001-2010
    • Music director for Stageworks Summer Repertory Theater, Watertown, NY, 2004-2006
    • Chorus Master for the Vertical Players Repertory Opera Company, Brooklyn, 2002
    • Rehearsal assistant for the Berkeley Carroll School, 2000-02
    • Assistant to the Director for the Saratoga-Potsdam Choral Institute, 1975-81
    • Assistant Director for Bowling Green State University Theater Department, 1978-80
    • Co-founder and Director of Crane School of Music Composer’s Forum Orchestra and competition winner for Crane School of Music One-act Opera Festival, 1975-78


    • American Guild of Organists
    • American Musicological Society
    • College Music Society
    • Gustav Mahler Society
    • Music Library Association
    • Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, theta iota chapter
    • Society for Music Theory
    • Who’s Who in America (since the 58th edition)

    Relevant Experience and Skills

    • Founder and CEO of, current
    • Staff writer for, 1999-2002
    • Administrative Assistant for NEH Wagner Summer Seminar at NYU, 1995-96
    • Research assistant at NYU, 1991-96
    • Technical and sound assistant for NYU music department, 1990-94
    • Experienced with Finale, Sibelius, Protools, numerous DAW’s, as well as music education software such as Practica musica
    • Experienced in live sound setup and mixing
    • Basic proficiency in most instruments, and advanced proficiency in brass and keyboard instruments


    For the All Media Guide (
    Complete works commentaries:
    Albinez, piano only; Berg; Schoenberg; Brahms; Chopin; Debussy, piano only; Liszt, piano only; Mahler; Mendelssohn, piano only; Rachmaninoff, piano only; Schumann, piano and songs only
    André, Maurice; Bergonzi, Carlo; Biggs, E(dward George) Power; Bolet, Jorge; Bream, Julian; Chorzempa, Daniel; Curzon, Clifford; Davies, Peter Maxwell; Donizetti, Gaetano; Ellis, Osian; Feldman, Morton; Feuermann, Emanuel; Field, John; Firkušný, Rudolf; Fox, Virgil; Geminiani, Francesco; Gobbi, Tito; Grainger, Percy; Harris, Roy; Haskil, Clara; Hickox, Richard; Hummel, Johann Nepomuk; Jacobs, Rene; Janacek, Leos; Janequin, Clemént; Kashkashian, Kim; Kirkpatrick, Ralph; Kissin, Evgeny; Lipatti, Dinu; Locatelli, Pietro Antonio; Marais, Marin; McCormack, John; Méhul, Etienne-Nicolas; (Goto), Midori; Milstein, Nathan; Moravec, Ivan; Moszkowski, Moritz; Mutter, Anne-Sophie; Petri, Michala; Piatigorsky, Gregor; Pogorelich, Ivo; Ponce, Manuel; Preston, Simon; Primrose, William; Reger, Max; Rodrigo, Joaquin; Romero, Pepe; Schipa, Tito; Schnittke, Alfred; Schreier, Peter; Skrowaczewski, Stanislaw; Stenhammar, (Karl) Wilhelm; Takemitsu, Toru; Taneyev, Sergey Ivanovich; Tcherepnin, Alexander; Thomas, Kurt; Torelli, Giuseppe; Tureck, Rosalyn; Wand, Günter; Weber, Carl Maria von; Wild, Earl; Williams, John;
    Other articles:
    Brahms’ Piano Music (overview, history, style, context, relevance)
    Brahms, the Conservative (explication and commentary on Schoenberg)
    Chopin’s Piano Music (overview, history, style, context, relevance)
    Mahler’s Symphonies (overview, history, style, context, relevance)
    Recordings of Mahler
    Schumann’s Piano Music (overview, history, style, context, relevance)

    Review of Gustav Mahler: Briefe und Musikautographen aus den Moldenhauer-Archiven in der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek, Naturlaut, June 2004.

    “Mahler’s Tenth Symphony: A look at the sketches and performing editions,” Naturlaut, September 2005.

    “Cyclic and Referential Elements in Mahler’s Tenth Symphony,” Naturlaut, September 2006.


    Mahler’s Tenth Symphony: Form and Genesis (UMI/ProQuest, 2002)
    Mahler’s Tenth Symphony (Toccata Press, forthcoming)


    “Biographical Implications and Encoding in Mahler’s Tenth Symphony,” Gustav Mahler Society of NY, October 2007


    • Consulted for and extensively cited in Stuart Feder, Gustav Mahler: A Life in Crisis (Yale university Press, 2004)
    • Consulted for and extensively cited in Henry-Louis de La Grange, Gustav Mahler: Volume Four, A New Life Cut Short (1907-1911) (Oxford University Press 2008)

    Selected Compositions and Arrangements

    Alleluia, Motet, Aspects of Prospect Park (four-movement suite), Jubilation, Dreams, Good Mothers
    Choral arrangements and medleys from The Beatles, Carole King, The Beach Boys, Sondheim, favorite Christmas songs, Godspell, Grease, West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar, and many others

    Rosta Songs for soprano, piano, and string quartet

    Scherzo for sextet, String Quartet, Brass Quartet, Introduction and Fugue for piano quintet, Prelude and Invention for clarinet and piano, Trumpet Sonata, Fantasy for orchestra, Alleluia-Etude for piano, Motet for strings, Four Bird Songs for piano

    References available by request